Bathrooms & Showers

This is an interesting job. The 12″ x 12″ floor slate was set at 13 degrees to the walls, which flowed off into the bathroom. The entire bathroom was actually a large shower with a toilet in it. The slate followed up the walls as far as the design would allow then the slate was turned and set in a level manner. The cut pieces for the corners are turned to appear to be flowing. Also all of the edges are trimmed and placed with color matching pieces. And finally the shower floor drain has slate leaves custom cut into and around the drain.
This bathroom was done with a ming green marble. It includes a foot-shelf in the shower, a recessed niche with a shelf, bullet ended inlaid stripe, and a pebble shower floor. The tub area is done with a bull-nose and is also rounded and polished.

This is a dark green marble steam shower with a cantilevered bench seat and a recessed niche with an arch. The shower floor border is set on a 45 degree angle (it’s decorative and helps channel the water). There is an arch over the door and the marble corners are bull-nosed and polished.

This glass block and tile shower has a cantilevered shower seat. The tile is set on a 45 degree angle around the shower floor perimeter so that water doesn’t sit at the edges of the shower.
Here is a glass block and tile shower with a recessed niche, arched top, tiled shelf, and cantilevered shower seat.
This shower has been deemed the “castle shower”. Take a look at the pillars running through the glass block shower walls that are tiled above the tops of the glass blocks. It gives the appearance of castle ramparts.
This bathroom has a recessed tub area, a tiled in sink, and a matching shower.

This bathtub has a bullet stripe laid into the tub face and the whole thing has rounded surfaces. The bath floor is curved to match the contour of the room. There is also a tiled in sink with a cantilevered shower seat.
This is a shower floor made of river pebbles cut into an absolute black granite border.

For this bathroom glass block was trimmed in with tile across the glass block wall. The tub uses deck tile and is cantilevered past the stone. Some points of interest are the shower floor tile and the recessed niche.
This shower was created with a recessed niche with an arch and a shelf. The custom inlaid stripe is consistent throughout the shower.
For this particular custom tile project notice how the stripe material was cut to turn the corner. It’s not just a piece of white trim running through.

This project had many features including tile trimming on glass block walls, crown moulding atop the shower tiled walls, contrasting shower floor, recessed niche, cantilevered and rounded shower seat, tile set a 45 degree angle around the edges of the shower floor, a crown molded front edge of countertops, and a tiled in tub. This gives the whole bathroom a very “clean” look.


This kitchen backsplash is made of all glass tiles. Most of the tiles are glossy but some have a matte finish. It has an very intricate and custom inlaid glass stripe with colored glass laid into the stripe.
This is an inlaid 4″ x 4″ glass tile kitchen counter top.

Here are some custom granite kitchen counter tops with a full granite backsplash.
Fully custom tiled kitchen done for a manufactured home.


Here we see floor tile with tiled steps, a granite fireplace hearth with a steel frame, and glass block 1/2 walls.
This is a 22′ marble fireplace hearth that is double cantilevered. All of the corners were cut to be set in at a 45 degree angle. The fireplace face is set at a 45 degree angle as well to give it a very nice “framed in” look.
This custom fireplace was constructed using actual river rocks.
This fireplace was recessed into the wall. All corners were put at a 45 degree angle. Although this project was a challenge it turned out the way it had been envisioned.

Patios & Outdoor

Cultured stone front porch with bull-nosed step stones.


This beautiful slate entryway is supposed to look like leaves blew in the door. The tiles are all hand cut.
Slate tile cut into random “L” shapes for an entryway floor.
This entryway floor design is a custom geometric design cut out of surrounding floor tiles using random shapes.